Born June 2004

Awesome 1/2 Friesian x 1/4 Andalusian colt.  Exquisite movement and drive.  Click on his photo to see him move!

Vandalusian is owned by Courtnay in West Virginia.  She will be standing him at stud and riding him in eventing and dressage!


Born August 2004

She is a lovely and elegant 1/2 Friesian x Paint.  She has reach and drive in her trot to make any dressage rider's mouth water.  She lives with Linda Kiser in Maryland. 

She will by Linda's next upper level dressage horse and best friend!

Vantasmic - 1/2 Friesian x 1/2 Paint filly.  Sold to Nell Walton in Tennessee.  See photos and video by clicking on her photo.


is a Gray 2005 Friesian x Andalusianx gelding.     Look at his beautiful head and neck!  He is a stunning chap with tons of character.  At his mother's side, Vanteca has been trail riding over many, many  times in the trailer and over the bridges and through creeks.  He is extremely well broke to lead and work with his feet.  Watch out as he has personality to burn!  New video available of his movement!  He has an awesome trot!!!:)  

Click on his photos to see more photos and video of him!
Irish Spring is our first foal for 2006.  She was born on March 21, 2006 which is the first day of spring.  We live in Minnesota and within her first 24 hours she was allowed to go out and play in the snow for a couple hours.  She is hardy and the snow is as clean as it gets to keep a foal clean and healthy.  "Spring" is her name and she seems to have springs in her toes. 

"Spring" is an Irish Sporthorses.  Her father is A'lainn Shawn, an Irish Sporthorse and mother is Reno, a registered Paint.  Spring will be a registered Irish Sporthorse.
Spring was born on March 21, 2006.  Which is the first day of Spring.  My daughter, Angalee (age 8) discovered that Reno was going to foal thus we needed to cancel our planned Girl Scout outing and stay home for the foaling of Spring.  Both Angalee and Justin (age 13) were present for the birth and assisted where needed.  They enjoyed the miracle of birth!  

This was Reno's first foal.  She knew just what to do and was pleasant with all of us hanging around during the foaling and especially patient with us in the foaling pen after Spring was born.  The foaling was textbook perfect as was her new baby Spring!  After foaling, Spring recieved much attention from all our friends and their children.  All the kids took interest in her needs such as grooming, leading training, sacking her out and just giving her hugs and loves.  The first foal gets the most attention, usually!  

Since it was still cold and snowy, Spring spent her first two days in the stall but very soon she spent her days in the sun in a clean paddock with her mother. We put a bale of straw on the snow and when Spring was done exercising her legs at her mothers insistence, she would nap on the straw.  Spring was brought in at night.  It is VERY important that babies get much exercise as their bones and muscles have much growing and learning to do.  Spring is extremely healthy and hardy!

Spring has had the basic training in leading, hoof care, socialization in a herd and with people.  She has been in the petting zoo for FFA and was petted by many kids and adults.  She loves attention.

Spring is quiet, gentle, loving, and curious.  She will make someone a spectacular family member and a sound minded and bodied performance horse.  She learns quickly and quietly.  Always willing to please you in anything you ask.
We are proud to announce the birth of our second foal.  He is a lovely black tobiano colt by Panda and A'lainn Shawn.  He is an Irish Sporthorses.  He was born on April 23, 2006.

Finally is the mellowest and most sensible gelding you will meet at this age!  He takes everything in stride and gets along with everyone human and horse.  This guy actually has nice form over fences when given a chance, he will jump something.   Finally is also very tall standing 14 hands at a young yearling age.  He has been raised right.  He was born in the pasture with the group and stayed there.  He has been out 24/7 unless he is included in the FFA petting zoo or taken on a trail ride at his mother's side.  By the string test, he will stand 16.2 hands tall.  

Finally is going to make a wonderful performance horse for a rider who doesn't  want a difficult horse but wants that special companion that will make you smile everytime you ride him.  

His mother is the kind of horse who beginners can ride her and even if not ridden for a year will ride out nicely without problems.  She puts that disposition on to her babies.  Who wouldn't want that???

Tuxedo - 1/2 Friesian 5 year old gelding.  Stands 16.3 hands tall.  He is WELL broke to ride and drive.  You will look a LONG time to find a horse this gorgeous!  Tux is by Celtic, 17 hand Friesian stallion.  He is big and classy and very striking in looks.  Dressage, eventing, foxhunting or combined driving.  He will do it all and love doing it.  NEW photos and video!  WOW, WOW, WOW< MOVEMENT!!!

Riding and driving video on his page! 

NEW VIDEO!  Click here!
Black Friesian x Spotted Draft colt.   is a April 2005 foal.  He has the looks of a Friesian.    

Sold to Megan Hanley in Deleware!  Thanks Megan!
Vantastic AKA Mickey  Friesian x Paint colt.  Mother is Panda and his father is Vanyel.  Incredible movement.   

Sold to Virginia
Graceful is a 15.3 Hand Paint mare.  She has lovely gaits and a quiet mind. 

Sold to Amy in Arizona
Edgar Allen Poe - Spotted Draft
Out of Jill by Spotted Draft Stud
May 3, 2007
  VERY Friendly!

Edgar is sold!
Moony and Bobby  both TB x Draft filly and mare.  

Sold to Georgia together!  
Bobby is a hunter and trail horse and Moony is in training.  

Hannah - Spotted Draft mare.  

Hannah sold to Michigan bred to Vanyel.
Black homozygous Paint colt (Outstanding)  and sorrel homozygous Paint colt (Red hot Lava)  sold to Nebraska.
Black Pinto pony "Ponyta" sold to Wisconsin.  

Excellent kids pony
Dixie and Dolly - Full Sisters Ages two and Three years of age.

Two Pinto Spotted Draft mares available for sale.  They would make wonderful carriage horses for weddings and other events.  They stand 16.2 hands tall.   These girls are very nicely trained to drive.  They have wonderful quiet dispositions and manners.   Both are homozygous for the Tobiano gene.  They are bred to our Friesian stallion. 

 They will produce black and white pintos with him every time with Mario!  
These will be big and elegant babies.      

To see their driving video, click here!

 Oliver - 1/2 Friesian x 1/2 QH.  He stands 16 hands and is 3 years old.  This is a sparky, plucky fellow with excellent BIG movement and tons of "look at me" style.

Oliver is broke to drive and has been ridden a few times.  He is ready for his new owner to take him into the dressage arena or eventing.  He is an amazing horse will tons of potential.  
Driving video on his page.  

See his video by clicking here

Sold to MA as a driving horse!
All horses on this page are sold!
Sold to Canada!
Sold to Canada!!
Moony Sold!!
Bobby Sold!!
Marquee is a wonderful, expressive and elastic colt.  He is going to be an eye catcher with that beautiful black coat and four white legs.  The splashes of body white accent the black but aren't so much white that he will be difficult to keep clean.  He will have a beautiful long black mane and a half black and white tail.  Dressage riders will love his reach and drive but mostly his sweetest disposition and dish shaped head.  He will be the envy of your horsey friends!
Marquee - Black Pinto Colt born June 4th, 2007 out of Chick and by Mario 
See his video, Click here!


Are you looking for that confidence builder for you beginner kid?  Simon is your guy.  Simon is quiet and gentle yet willing.  He is excellent on the trails in which he will lead or follow in a group.  He is such a kind and willing horse. 

Simon showed in 4-H this year (2007) and was awarded blue ribbons in 7 classes and earned 3 reds.  He was shown by our 10 year old daughter who needed that special horse to build her confidence. She and Simon competed in English horsemanship and pleasure, Western Horsemanship and pleasure and trail class.  They then moved on the the games:  Egg and spoon, poles, barrels, jumping figure 8, and key race.  Many blues won.

We are selling Simon to the right kid who needs that first special horse.  

Asking only  to the right home where can have a stall and individual attention from a loving and deserving kid.  
Bailey - 4 year old 16.2 hand gelding.  Should mature to 16.3 hands tall.  Beautiful shape and size.  Bailey is a 1/2 Friesian, 1/4 Shire, 1/4 Paint gelding.  He received the best from all parents!  WOW your friends!  Photos and video of him riding.

Sold to NY - Teddy
Celtic's Pride - 16.2 hand GRAY 1/2 Friesian x TB x Perch gelding 5 years old.  Registered with the FSHR. 

Pride has a very elegant neck and way of carrying himself.    He has ridden  around parading wagons pulled by teams and at shows.  Meaning he has been exposed to many things instead of going around and around in the same arena.  He is also comfortable driving down the road single in a cart past traffic, mail boxes and other "scary" things. 

He is going to make someone an extremely sensible performance horse!

Clover: POA Pony 13.2 hands, 8 years old.  

Dun in color.  Has a 50% chance of producing a bay dun or Grullo.  Her foal will be an outstanding dressage pony! 
Clover is a 13 hand POA pony. 6 years old. 
Clover has been shown in 4-H this year with our 9 year old daughter. She earned blues and reds in all of the pleasure and game events.  Great on the trail too!  

Clover for sale bred for 2008:  
Bred to Mario P due: 
May 22, 2008 
June 6, 2007
Foaled May 23, 2007
Marsha - Dun Filly
Bruno - 8 year old 18.2 H Belgian gelding.  

Well broke to drive.  Drives single and in a team.  Has been in a show team.  Quiet horse to drive down the road.

Sue -  1/2 Spotted draft x Paint mare. 8 years old and stands 16.1 hands tall.  

Well trained to drive both single and double.  Quiet enough for parades and ladies to drive.  She rides too! She would also make an excellent performance horse! Video upon request.  

SOLD to Allison in Texas
Katie:  Reg:  Iberian Warmblood.  1/2 Andalusian x 1/4 Arab x 1/4 QH.  15H Born Blood bay now gray.  50% chance of having a gray foal every time. 

Katie is for sale:  She is a registered Iberian Warmblood.  She is excellent on the trails.  Possibly be bred back  for 2009 Friesian x foal.  Excellent  mother. 

Glamour Girl 
2006 filly
2004 colt
2005 colt
Foaled: May 25, 07
Sold Katie and Maria to NJ
Arco - 1/2 Friesian 3 year old gelding.  Stands 16.2 hands tall.  His mother is a QH.

Arco  is an outstanding lovely gelding who would be a wonderful dressage or combined driving horse!  He loves to ride and drive.  Great work ethic.  Been to town and back and isn't a spooky guy at all.  

 Marquette -black Pinto colt! 
1/2 Friesian x Paint
Cheeko - 1/2 Friesian x Shire/Paint gelding.  BLACK with bald face and white 
patch on belly.  GORGEOUS mover.  Cheeko stands 16.2 hands tall and growing. 
VERY FANCY.  Drives double and single.  Also rides wonderfully!  Cheeko will 
make someone an incredible driving or riding horse.  Great disposition with 
easy going manners.  He will WOW all!  We have photos of him riding and 
video too.  None driving but can get some for the serious buyer.  Registered
Panda is a 15.2 hand APHA black and white Sporthorse mare.  She is 14 years old and is beautiful!  She is big bodied and an incredibly beautiful mare.   Her babies are calm, quiet and sensible.   All will be black.  Half will be tobiano.  
 Nice trail horse for intermediate beginner.  Quiet to be around.  

Mother to Mickey, Marjorie, Panda2, Marli, 

Maggie - SUPER BOMBPROOF FANCY riding pony.  Gray 1/2 Welsh x  15 year 
old mare.  We have ridden her all through the state parks, through water, 
over logs and past deer.  She is steady enough for the beginner, beginner. 
Arena riding but fabulous on the trails.  Walks, trots and 
canters upon request.  NO bucks nor rears.  Neck reins and direct.  I have 
seen the kids ride her through some very rough stuff double and she could 
easily have dump them and she never offered to do anything!  She is GORGEOUS 
with her dishy head and little ears.  Loads herself in the trailer.  Can't 
say enough good stuff.  Rides English and western.  Bareback too!  Good as 
Gallant - White Gray gelding 
7 years old.  
16 H+ tall. 
1/2 Draft x TB 
Super Strut - 
1/2 Friesian x Paint filly

By Reno and Mario 
Chick:  Paint Sporthorse mare .  7 years old  15.1 H

Nice mover and very kind.  Double homozygous for the black gene and the Tobiano/Pinto gene.  She is guaranteed to produce a 1/2 Friesian black pinto foal every time.  

2007 Colt  - Sold
2008 Colt 
Chick sold Look for her 2009 foal here!
Paint Sporthorse mare.  15.1 H 
6 years old APHA

Double homozygous: black and Tobiano/Pinto gene.  Will produce black or bay Pintos every time.  She is a lovely mover!

Bred to Mario P  for 2009.
Irish Spring
2006 filly
2007 Colt
Jill - Gray Tobiano sporthorse.  16.1 hands tall.  Nice reaching trot and lovely canter.  Our favorite part about her is that she is soooo sweet with our 10 year old daughter.  She is a baby sitter.  Jill is 10 years old and a Registered Spotted draft.   She rides and drives.
2007 colt
2008 filly
Panda is a 15.2 hand APHA black and white Sporthorse mare.  She is a 14 year old and is beautiful!  She is big bodied and an incredibly beautiful mare.   Her babies are calm, quiet and sensible.   All will be black and half will be tobiano.
2007 filly
2003 colt
Finally Irish
2006 Colt
2005 Filly
Ebony - 1/2 Friesian Sporthorse
Mother:  Draft x TB  

Trained  to ride and drive!  

5 years old
3/4 Friesian
2008 Colt

Glamour Girl Sold!
SOLD  Ebony
Driving horses for sale!

Glamour Girl - 1/2 Friesian x 1/4 Andalusian bay 3 year old filly.  GG has 
MORGAN looks and is a very FANCY filly!  Stands 15.1  hands and growing. 
Beautiful dishy head and big expressive eyes.  She has had driving training 
with the Amish.  She is forward and a lovely mover.  Photos and video of her 
driving and moving free.  She is going to get better and better!  Should 
mature to 16 hands.  Registered Friesian Heritage Registry.   SUPER 

Ebony - 1/2 Friesian x TB/draft mare.  Ebony is 5 years old.  Ebony is 
BLACK.  She stands 16 hands currently and should mature more.  She is 
forward and confidently driving single and double.  She also rides! She is 
currently in training with the Amish getting more continued education. 
Ebony is the sweetest horse you will meet and will be your all time favorite 
as her disposition is supreme!  Registered with the Friesian Heritage 
registry.  Many photos and video at our website to be put up today.  
Captain Coke
1/2 Friesian (Mario) x Paint Colt
Full sister to Martini and Marchesque
Born:  April 2009
Still available
Martini - 3 year old 1/2 Friesian BUCKSKIN filly.  She is started in harness.  She has only driven double at this point.

Martini earned HIGH scores and earned the High Merit Award for earning an overall score of 8.04 and being awarded a 1st Premium Blue ribbon.  She earned 8's for her trot and canter and 7.5 for her walk!

 Measured 15.3 hands at keuring.  

Martini earned the HIGHEST score over all the horses there.  There were some beautiful equines there!  

Martini will make an excellent dressage, driving, jumping and best buddy on the trail.  She is a mellow and easy to get along with filly.  You will love her if you met her in person!  She is hard not to love as she mugs you for attention and follows you where ever you go!

Captin Coke still available!
Martini Sold!
MARCOLi!  He is trained to ride and drive!  

Keuring High Merit Winner!

He earned FABULOUS scores for a 3 year old.

Marcoli scored 8's on his conformation scores and 7.8 on walk/canter and 8.1 on trot.  
He rides and drives!  3 years old and such a talented horse!  He is ready to go to his new home where they can bring him along!
Marcoli sold to Laure in California
Marjorie is an impressive filly!  She has incredible extension at the trot.  She is quiet, gentle and LOVING to ride and handle on the ground.  

Marjorie is a HIGH MERIT Award winner 2010 Keuring!

7.8 on overall conformation, 
7.6 walk/canter
8 for her trot!

She currently stands 15.2 1/2. 
She will mature over 16 hands.

Marjorie is an incredible driving horse and super quiet under saddle. 
Marjorie is sold and living in Vermont
Jack Jack 2009 
Double click here to add text.
Jack Jack - June 2009 - 16.2 hand 1/2 Friesian x Spotted draft. 
Son of our Friesian Stallion, Mario.

 Big, athletic and a mover! Should mature to 17 hands. 
1/2 Friesian x Reg Paint
Daughter of Mario
Keuring winner!   Scored 8.0 on trot and canter!  
Full sister to Martini, Margarita and Captain
Coke.  Mother is Whiskey.
1/2 Friesian x Reg Paint
Daughter of Mario
Keuring winner!   Scored 8.0 on trot and canter!  
Full sister to Martini, Margarita and Captain
Coke.  Mother is Whiskey.
1/2 Friesian x Reg Paint
Daughter of Mario
Keuring winner! Scored 8.0 on trot and canter!  
Full sister to Martini, Margarita and Captain
Coke. Mother is Whiskey.
1/2 Friesian x Reg Paint
Daughter of Mario
Keuring winner!   Scored 8.0 on trot and canter!  
Full sister to Martini, Margarita and Captain
Coke.  Mother is Whiskey.
1/2 Friesian x Reg Paint
Daughter of Mario
Keuring winner!   Scored 8.0 on trot and canter!  
Full sister to Martini, Margarita and Captain
Coke.  Mother is Whiskey.
Mariuchii - 1/2 Friesian x 
​Son of our stallion Mario
This guy has AMAZING movement!
Rides and drives!
Born:  January 2008
He is in a lease currently and is no longer for sale.  
Black and white Pinto Gelding.  

Son of our Friesian stallion Mario

Click on photos to make them bigger.  

1/2 Friesian x Paint
Born:  May 19, 2008

Rides and drives!    We feel Marvolo will make an excellent Eventing prospect.  He is coming along very well in his training and really is light and fun to ride.

If you are looking for a nice young horse that has had many life experiences beyond the stall and arena, this is your guy!  Good looking with lovely gaits too!

  Just came out of training and he is wonderful!!!!  MUST SEE!!   You will LOVE riding him.  Perfect for an amateur rider or pro rider looking for a really nice prospect to bring along with tons of talent and athletic ability!  

Newest video taken June 2012.  

Call Kari Schmidt at 507-534-3311

​Currently stands 16. 1 H
The Dutchess!!

  16 H Friesian x Draft mare.  years old.  Rides and drives.  

Scarlett - 13.1 Draft Pinto Pony Rides and drives.  

Perfect for the adult that wants a smaller horse to get on but needs one on the stouter side.  12 years old.  Scarlett is mellow and a little on the slow side.  She is a solid trail horse and loves to ride with other horses.   Ridden at the state parks all all gaits with her rider loving to canter/gallop.  

Drives like a dream!

Panda - 2010 1/2 Friesian x Paint filly.  

Stands currently 16H.  

Earned the High Merit Award winning title at the Keuring hence the beautiful neck ribbon.  She earned 8-9's for her gaits.  Very beautiful mover!

  Panda is a fantastic pupil and is learning the natural horsemanship training.   She is light and responsive on the bit.  She is forward and willing.  Biddable too.  She is calm and easy going.  She will trail ride alone and with others.

She is sensible and lovely to work with.  She wants to please and will work hard to get it right.

​Panda is light and responsive to your leg.  She will side pass, leg yield, turn on the forehand and haunches.  

Panda is light on the bit and has learned self carriage.  While she is still learning, she has learned so much this winter and spring.  

Please call and make an appointment to see this lovely horse!  

Marlito - Friesian x Saddlebred gelding 17 H tall  5  years old.  
Black with a long fluffy mane and tail.  

Marlito has a lovely disposition.  Forward, willing and eager to please.  

He will make someone an excellent dressage or combined driving horse.  He is not for a beginner.  He has a lot of forward and has the ability to go all day long.  He tries hard to please and is eager to get on with job.  

Marlito is extremely tall and very nicely put together.  17 Hands tall.  Beautiful Black 1/2 Friesian x Saddlebred.  Sensible and willing.

Georgian Grande!  Registered!

Dunalano - Friesian x QH gelding Dun colored.  2010 born  Stands 16.1 H currently.

He is an athletic and dynamic  horse and will make someone  an excellent all around horse!

Dunalano has trail ridden and done arena work.  As you can see in his video, he is soft and light on the reins.  He does not hang on them and is completely obedient and biddable.  He is just that way.  Sarah teaches the Natural Horsemanship way by teaching them to understand what is being asked with firm requests and positive reinforcement when they get the right answer.  This makes for a good team understanding and a HAPPY horse!    

Dressage prospect and trail horse.  

Marvelous - Black 1/2 Friesian x Quarter horse gelding Born Spring 2011.  Stand currently 15.3 H which puts him on track to be @ 16.2 H when fully mature.  Marvelous is a gorgeous horse that has both the good parts of both parents.  He has a sweet disposition and ready to start the way you want him!

"What dreams are made of"    
15.2 H Buckskin 1/2 Friesian x American Cream mare

She has been shown and trail ridden. Sweet and easy going! PRETTY is an understatement! She is gorgeous!  Dreamer is a fabulous sensible trail horse for all 
levels of riders!

Dreamer is starting to learn Piaffe and Passage.  See her video!  She enjoys it!

Dreamer is going to make every one of your friends sit up and take notice! Beautiful kind eye, very willing nature, biddable and eager to please. Showy and sensible!  

Dreamer has been shown with great success!!
Year End Awards – USEF Horse of the Year – Region 6 Champions
 Reserve Champion – Part Bred Friesian Hunter
 Reserve Champion – Part Bred Friesian Junior Exhibitor
Baroque Horse Regional Championships – A-Rated
oChampion – Pure & Part Bred Friesian Hunt Seat Equitation
oChampion – Part Bred Friesian English Pleasure Hunt Seat – Open
oReserve Champion – Part Bred Friesian English Pleasure Hunt Seat Jr. Rider 
o2nd – USEF English Pleasure Hunt Seat – open to all breeds
o3rd – USEF English Pleasure Hunt Seat Championship – open to all breeds
Year End Awards – USEF Horse of the Year – Region 6 Champions
 Champion – Part Bred Friesian Hunter
 3rd – Part bred Friesian Specialty
 6th – Part bred Friesian In Hand
Baroque Horse Regional Championships – A-Rated
oChampion – Part Bred Friesian English Pleasure Hunt Seat – Junior Horse
Baroque Horse of the Midwest Summer Show – A Rated
1st – Part Bred Friesian Walk/Trot Green Horse (3)
1st – Opportunity Walk & Favorite Gait (4)
4th – Part Bred Friesian Mares – 3 years & over (4)
Year End Awards – USEF Horse of the Year – Region 6 Champions
 3rd – Part bred Friesian In Hand
 3rd – Part bred Friesian Specialty
Baroque Horse Regional Championships – A-Rated
oChampion – Part Bred Friesian Jr. Mare
oReserve Champion – Part Bred Walk/Trot Green Horse
o3rd – Part Bred Friesian In Hand – All Ages – All Genders
o2nd – Opportunity Filly/Mare
o4th – Opportunity Walk/Trot

Watch her video see her gaits. She is also a level headed trail horse. She is young and has many more shows and trail rides in her.

Selling because my daughter is living in Germany for a year going to high school as an exchange student and we won't be using her as much. Our loss of time is your opportunity to get a really awesome horse!

Breeding her to our Friesian stallion for 2015 foal.  Will breed her in June, unless someone purchases her first.  
Third Times a Charm - Charmer (Valencia) - 2011 Bay Tobiano Pinto gelding.  Currrently stands 16.1 H tall ++.    Charmer is a WOW mover

Charmer is a HIGH MERIT AWARD WINNER earning high scores for his gaits!

Have you seen his CANTER?  WOW!  He is coming along nicely under saddle!  Fabulous gaits!

​Sweet disposition and easy to handle.

Nicely started under saddle and has developed an incredible easy canter.

Taught the natural Horsemanship way, he has learned how to be light on the bit and balanced under saddle.  He is still growing and changing and with age and maturity, his gaits will only get better!  He is the cream of the crop and your opportunity to get him!  

Golden Latte   - 2012 Black (with cream gene) Friesian x QH filly.    Really lovely mover.  Elegant and big kind eye!  Should mature over 16 H.  Super sweet disposition and extremely easy going!  Just love this little lady!  

By Friesian stallion Mario and Cream Dream ( a really nice open moving grade QH mare).

Being started under saddle.  She has three sweet soft gaits.  She has a lovely gentle canter.  Such a pleasure to ride!

She stands about 15H now as a two year old. 

She is a really gentle and kind horse with above average gaits!